Laptop Costco Return Policy

 Laptop Costco Return Policy

Costco deals with laptop sales and is the best at what they do, but then challenges occur when dealing with products like technological and electrical appliances that may require you to return them, hence the reason we will look into Laptop Costco Return Policy.

Laptop Costco Return Policy

Their selection of laptops ranges from basic HP and Lenovo models to gaming laptops like the Stealth and Prestige models from MSI.

Chromebooks and the MacBook Pro are also available there.

But what if you bought a laptop from Costco and it malfunctioned?

Or what if you decided you jumped the gun and no longer want it? Or maybe you have a laptop that you want to return because it was an unwanted gift.

You should think about Costco’s return policy for electrical items like laptops in such cases.

For returns and exchanges, most retailers have their distinct corporate policies.

This is true for expensive items like computers.

Therefore, you must comprehend that policy to avoid getting into trouble.

Fortunately, we have carefully examined Costco’s return policy for laptops.

To understand how Costco customers felt about returning items to the retailer, we also looked into their experiences.

To show how Costco’s return policy for laptops stacks up against its key rivals, we also examined five of them.

Given this, we have created an easy-to-read guide that outlines the specifics of Costco’s laptop return policy and what to expect.

What is Costco’s Return Policy for Laptops?

The return window for computers at Costco is 90 days after the day you get the item, whether you bought it in person or online.

Within this time frame, you can return the item for a full refund or exchange.

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How Do I Return a Laptop to Costco?

Laptop Costco Return Policy

There are different ways to return A laptop to Costco:

Returns In-Store

You must return your laptop to any Costco warehouse if you bought it from one of the retailer’s wholesale locations.

If you bought your laptop online, you can either return it to a Costco warehouse or do it online (see below).

If you choose to return your item to your neighborhood wholesale warehouse, go to the counter when you arrive and ask for your return to be processed.

Then, you need to get a prompt refund that covers the cost of shipping and handling as well.

Using their helpful warehouse locator, you can discover your neighborhood Costco.

Online Returns

Using Costco’s online returns procedure, you can also return a laptop for a refund or a replacement.


1. Log into your Costco account

2. Go to the menu and choose Orders and Returns

3. Pick the returns option and complete the necessary requests

4. You then have the option of printing off a returns label or arranging for your item to be picked up (usually reserved for larger items)

5. Place the label on your item and drop it off at your USPS drop-off point or wait for USPS to pick it up

You should be aware that you cannot return any Apple products—including Apple laptops—online; instead, you must contact Costco personally or go to one of their wholesale locations to complete your return.

What to Do if Costco’s 90-Day Returns Window has Lapsed?

What to Do if Costco’s 90-Day Returns Window has Lapsed?

There are a couple of choices available to you if the 90-day return window for Costco has already passed:

Speak to a Manager

The ability to prolong the 90-day timeframe may be within the discretion and power of management, particularly if the window has just passed.

Instead of communicating with Costco by phone, email, or online chat, we advise doing it in person. We’ve noticed that in-person results are typically better.

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Check the Warranty

You should verify the manufacturer’s warranty if your device develops a problem after the 90-day grace period.

The warranty durations for 5 well-known laptop brands are listed below:

Brand Warranty Length
Sony One year but this can be extended up to 4 years
Apple One years but some shops will extend this one
HP One year but this can be extended up to 3 years
Lenovo One years but this can be extended up to 5 years
Dell One years but this can be extended up to 5 years

You should return your laptop to Costco first to make a warranty claim, however, they could insist that you work directly with the manufacturer.

Check out the FTC’s Guidance on Warranties if you need more details about warranties.

Sell the Item

If the 90-day return time has passed, your other choice is to merely sell your laptop.

You should be able to recoup most of your investment if the laptop is still in good condition and comes with all the necessary attachments.


1. Facebook Marketplace (free)

2. eBay

3. Craig’s List

4. Any tech forum with a buy and sell section (usually free)

y compared to its competitors with 3 times the length of Target and Lowes and 6 times the length of Walmart, Best Buy, and Micro Center.

It’s safe to say that Costco has a great, possibly industry-best return policy for laptops.

It provides a free, practical, and straightforward way to return your laptop, which may be done in person or online.

The 90-day return period offered by Costco is the finest we’ve seen and well exceeds the policies of its main rivals, which range from a meager 15 days to an average of about 30 days.

It could still be worthwhile contacting Costco to check if there is any wiggle room if you are just outside of their 90-day return policy. If you talk to the proper individual, you might get lucky.

If not, keep in mind that most laptops come with a basic 12-month guarantee that may frequently be extended at the time of purchase.

Frequently Asked Question 

1. Can You Return a Laptop to Costco Without a Receipt?

Without a receipt, you can return your laptop to Costco.

Costco can accomplish this more readily because customers who buy items from its warehouses must be members, making it simple to track their transactions.

Although you do not need to be a member to shop at, doing so leaves a paper trail that makes it simple for Costco to track your order.

2. Costco’s Returns Policy Allow an Open or Used Laptop?

Yes, you can still return your laptop for a refund or replacement, even if it has been opened or used.

When requesting a refund or replacement, we advise making an effort to ensure that the box, packaging, and extras are sent back.

3. Will Costco’s Returns Policy Allow me to Return a Laptop Without the Box and Accessories?

If you lose the box and packaging, you should still be able to return the laptop to Costco with no problems.

However, if you don’t have the essential equipment, like the charger or battery, you can find it more difficult.

If you’ve misplaced accessories, we suggest using Costco’s chat feature to contact them.

4. How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund When Returning a Laptop to Costco?

If you return your laptop to your neighborhood wholesale warehouse, according to Costco, you ought to get a quick reimbursement.

However, depending on how quickly your bank processes refunds, you might have to wait for the money to show up in your account again.

5. Will it Cost to Return My Laptop to Costco?

You won’t be assessed a fee by Costco if you return a laptop for an exchange or refund.

Unlike some of their rivals, they don’t charge a restocking fee when they refill an item.

Using the print-off returns label from Costco also entitles you to free USPS returns to deliver.

More FAQs on Laptop Costco Return Policy 

6. Can I Return Something to Costco After 2 Years?

It’s well known that Costco offers relatively lenient return policies.

If they dissatisfy a member with a product, they can nearly always return it.

However, some members might view this as a chance to return used or worn products they may have purchased years earlier.

7. Can I Return Something to Costco After 6 Months?

Almost all items in the warehouse are returnable.

There are no questions. This warranty extends to your Costco membership as well. From the day you join, you have 364 days to test out the membership and determine if it’s a good fit for you.

8. What Items Cannot be Returned to Costco?

Where forbidden by law, Costco does not accept returns on either cigarettes or alcohol.

Tires and batteries are examples of products with a limited useful life expectancy that may be marketed with a limited guarantee that is product-specific.

9. Can I Return an Item to Costco Without a Receipt?

Although you need all the accessories that came with the item, Costco keeps track of your transactions on your membership account, so receipts are not required to complete returns.

To complete the return, you must have your membership card or member number.

10. What Happens To Returned Items At Costco?

Based on the circumstances of the returned goods, Costco decides to use them.

The products that are returned are thrown out, put up for sale, or delivered to the liquidation zones.

Some businesses assist Costco in selling these returned goods by enhancing or leaving them as-is.

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