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Who Buys Furniture (21 Best Places To Sell Used Furniture)

One thing is constant, and that is change. So there may be a reason to change the furniture and one may ask, who buys furniture, especially used ones. Well, In this article, is contained the 21 best places to sell used furniture.

Who Buys Furniture (21 Best Places To Sell Used Furniture)

Online and local marketplaces for used furniture abound.

Let’s discuss the 21 greatest locations to sell unwanted furniture so you can get money for that dust trap.

Some people might not consider selling used furniture to be profitable.

You might wonder, “Who would want my old couch?” People would undoubtedly visit Ikea and choose something fresh in its place.

That depends on the condition in which your old couch is, of course, but I can tell you right now that used furniture has a certain allure and can be a great way to earn some extra cash.

In reality, you can sell old furniture if you’re trying to start a new side business as well as if you’ve upgraded and need to get rid of yours.

Yes, some people purchase used furniture, tidy it up, and then sell it again for a higher price.

Being unique and knowing you’re helping the environment both appeal (buying a one-of-a-kind refurbished piece is a more eco-friendly option).

So let me tell you where you may sell used furniture and get quick cash.

Learn how to sell your used furniture in the following paragraphs and how to transform that Barca lounger your girlfriend thinks is ugly into money.

Selling Used Furniture Online vs. Locally

For people wishing to sell their used furniture, there are many choices available, both locally and online.

If you type “sell old furniture near me” into Google, you’ll probably find a ton of nearby markets, consignment shops, and used furniture stores where you can do just that.

But those times are long gone, and many shrewd side hustlers are now selling used furniture online. You are no longer restricted to your neighborhood consignment shop.

Selling online allows you to reach customers outside of your area, potentially improving the likelihood of a more lucrative sale. You’ll quickly discover that there are several options for selling furniture online, each with advantages and disadvantages.

What are they may sell the top internet stores where used furniture to generate quick money? Let’s look at it.


21 Places To Sell Used Furniture for Cash

Who Buys Furniture (21 Best Places To Sell Used Furniture)

Here are the 21 best places to sell used furniture for cash:

1. Letgo

For selling furniture, Letgo is one of the first applications that come to mind, perhaps because it’s so useful and free.

Letgo is entirely visual, thus maintaining a positive image is essential to lure customers.

They arranged listings in a photo gallery format according to a category, therefore the better your photos, the more likely it is that someone would click on your item.

The good news is that once interested parties click, Letgo enables them to explore additional items you’ve listed, making it simple for them to discover other things you’re selling.

This is ideal for a small business that needs to sell a lot of office equipment.

Both their website and the Letgo app allow you to sell, which is practical.

Using your smartphone, you can take pictures that you then instantly publish as a listing.

Simply enter your price and other information, and you’re ready to start making money!

2. OfferUp

Another basic alternative for selling used furniture is OfferUp.

Simply download the app and create a selling account.

You’ll need pictures of your things, a description, and a location, just as with Letgo, and then you’re ready to go.

On OfferUp, listing an item is free; however, further fees might be incurred when the item sells (such as shipping fees or service fees).

You will, however, be made aware of all fees upfront, so there will be no unpleasant surprises.

OfferUp is fascinating since customers can provide a counteroffer for your goods (hence the name).

You have two options when selling something: either mail the item and get paid or meet the customer in person.

This can be a better choice if you’re trying to minimize additional costs (like shipping, for example).

3. Shopify

For those wishing to make reselling used furniture into a side business, Shopify is a fantastic choice.

To use Shopify, you’ll need to create an online store, which is like running a furniture business.

Using one of the ready-made themes should make building your e-commerce website simple (of which there are 100s).

After a 14-day free trial, you must pay to sell used furniture on Shopify; monthly subscriptions begin at $29 per item.

Shopify also assists you in increasing sales by giving you analytics tools to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

4. Bonanza

Another website where you’ll need to put up a storefront is Bonanza.

However, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

They frequently used it as an alternative to eBay or Amazon because they integrated it with Google, which improves visibility.

No listing costs are required, however, they will charge you a commission if your products sell.

The price you pay will vary depending on the value and the advertising option you’ve selected.

For instance, the total value of your item will be $55 if you sell it for $50 and your shipping charges are $5.

Based on this $55 value, the fee will be established, and it will start at 3.5 percent.

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5. Trove



It offers more than simply furniture; in addition, you may sell gadgets, artwork, culinary accessories, and more.

Trove allows you to advertise your stuff for free, however, they charge a 10% commission when they sell (which is pretty low compared to a few other sites).

You decide the cost of your goods and the hours you’re open to meet potential customers.

The wonderful thing about Trove is that customers may look for products by city or ZIP code, increasing the likelihood that they’ll be in your neighborhood.

6. Bookoo

Book, a website “built by yard sale aficionados, for yard sale fans,” focuses on making it easier for users to find deals without having to search everywhere.

It resembles a small-scale social networking platform that customers can use to get in touch with nearby sellers.

The structure is fairly similar to Craigslist, but Bookoo is more regional and has a stronger sense of community, similar to attending a garage or estate auction.

You must register for an account to sell on Bookoo.

You can list an infinite number of items for sale, including furniture and other items of your choice, once your account has been verified.

7. Remove

Looking for a solution to get rid of all your clutter? Do you wish someone would handle everything for you? Remove can be useful.

Remove is a full-service provider that will practically take anything out of your house that you no longer need.

Simply take photos of your items, upload them, and then arrange for a pickup.

Your belongings will be picked up by the Remoov crew, and you will receive 50% of the proceeds when they are sold.

What’s even better is that they donate anything they don’t sell to charities, so you know you’re also helping.

They will also give you a tax deduction.


8. Etsy

You would imagine that Etsy is only for selling handcrafted, artsy trinkets and craft materials, but it can also be a terrific place to sell used furniture.

Having stated that, to attract the interest of potential customers, your products must be distinctive.

Do you have handcrafted, antique, or vintage furniture? That is the sort of merchandise that Etsy users are looking for.

You must first create an Etsy shop, which is rather simple to do, to sell on the website.

To list your first item, just adhere to the instructions on their website (each listing costs $0.20).

After you sell, you’ll pay a transaction cost of 5% as well as a processing fee of 3% plus $0.25.

9. 1stdibs

Despite having a strange name, 1stdibs is a significant company.

It’s a terrific place to sell vintage furniture that is genuinely one-of-a-kind because they recognized it as an online marketplace linking furniture sellers, galleries, collectors, antique shops, designers, and curators.

It costs money to list your stuff with 1stdibs, which makes sense given that you would only sell expensive furniture.

You must pay a monthly charge to sign up as a merchant.

There will be a 3 percent transaction fee for credit card use and a further 15% commission added to each sale.

10. Route 66 Furniture

The company Route 66 Furniture bills itself as “the easy way to buy and sell furniture.”

You must email Route 66 with the information and attach images of your things before you can begin selling.

They’ll get back to you within one business day and arrange a pickup time for you.

They will deliver your furniture to the Route 66 warehouse, and you will receive 50% of the sales proceeds.

Since you don’t have to worry about selling the products yourself, Route 66 Furniture is convenient.

However, by selling as consignment furniture, you are forfeiting 50% of the earnings.

Keep in mind that Route 66 may reduce the price of your item by up to 50% if it doesn’t sell within 30 days.

And if nothing changes within 60 days, your item will be taken off the market (but you can request for them to be re-listed).

11. Chairish

 Best Places To Sell Used Furniture

Chairish is the place to sell if you have vintage furniture or art that you want to sell.

It is a high-end secondhand website were sophisticated, distinctive, boho-inspired furniture is likely to find a buyer.

The Chairish Pink Book, a free pricing tool for vintage furniture, can estimate the value of your possessions.

Then, you must include top-notch pictures (much quicker to do on the app).

There are various selling plans available, and the commission is based on the costs of your goods.

For purchases up to $2,500, Chairish will either charge a commission of 20% or a commission of 3–12%. The commission decreases as you sell more.

12. AptDeco

AptDeco might be a great resource to use if your furniture is in especially good shape.

You may connect with potential buyers by listing your furniture for free and doing so in just a few minutes.

They will improve the listing within 24 hours by bettering the aesthetics and offering information on the item you might not even be aware of, which is extremely cool.

An excellent location to list household items like rugs, lighting fixtures, and other home décor is AptDeco.

They collect a fixed rate of 23 percent if your item sells.

Within two to five business days after they have delivered your item, you will get paid into your account. Easy!

13. Apartment Therapy Bazaar

You can sell vintage designer furniture and accessories on Apartment Therapy Bazaar, a user-driven marketplace, from virtually anywhere.

You can list your things for free, but you’ll have to pay to enhance them, starting at $1 per listing.

Another excellent feature of the website is that it makes it simple to import your Etsy listings.

This allows you to sell on two platforms at once and increase your chances of reaching potential customers and closing a deal.

14. Sotheby’s Home

Do you own upscale furnishings that you no longer require or want?

You can sell well-kept, high-end home furniture at Sotheby’s Home, including brand-new, gently used, vintage, and antique items.

We’re talking about high-end, high-quality furniture, so the procedure is a little different from selling products on other websites.

Before they put each piece up for auction, the Sotheby’s Home team will inspect it and look for potential buyers.

There is a minimum retail price of $1,000 for each item, and they will charge you a commission of either 50% or 40% depending on how many goods you consign.

15. Ruby Lane

And Ruby Lane would be a nice alternative to try if you’re genuinely considering selling antique and vintage furniture as a side business.

In addition, they provide vintage dolls, fine art, jewelry, collectibles, vintage clothing, and silver.

Ruby Lane is where you can make a lot of money, but it’s also a lot more expensive to use.

You must pay a $100 startup fee and a monthly fee if you plan to offer 80 or fewer items in your online store.

A 19-cent listing fee is further charged for each listing.

16. eBay

eBay is probably one of the first places that people think of when they hear the phrase “selling online.”

If you’ve ever sold anything on eBay, you’ll be aware that there are two ways to sell: through an auction or at a set price.

You’ll be required to pay a commission of 13% of the sale price as fees.

eBay will handle the transportation of expensive-to-ship things for you (there is a local pickup service, which is quite useful).

17. eBid

A competitor to eBay, eBid has an edge over its rival thanks to its extremely low commission rates of just 3%.

You can offer unwanted furniture at an auction or for a set price, just as on eBay, and use the local pickup for heavier items.

The ability to easily import goods you’re selling on eBay or Amazon is another wonderful tool that will help you reach more potential customers.

Thus increasing the likelihood that your discarded furniture will find a new home more quickly.

If you’re interested in minimizing your long-term selling fees and getting a complimentary t-shirt, you may also buy a lifetime membership to eBid for $50. Win-win situation.

18. Craigslist

As one of the most popular online classifieds, Craigslist is a great location to sell anything, even used furniture.

The process simply takes a few minutes, and you can list your products for free.

Keep in mind that having high-quality images of your products is essential, just like with many other online platforms for selling old furniture.

Buyers like to inspect the goods they intend to buy since it gives them the confidence to know they are in good shape.

Include as much information as possible in your item descriptions, the more the better.

Buyers need information, especially if they’re making a larger investment.

19. Facebook Marketplace

Potential customers in your neighborhood will see your products as they search Facebook Marketplace.

It takes approximately a minute to create a listing, and the procedures are rather straightforward.

There are no fees associated with selling products, therefore listing items is completely free.

A simple way to increase the visibility of your listing is to publish it on the local Facebook garage sale sites.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the greatest local marketplaces for selling used furniture (and other items) while also having a larger internet audience.

It’s perfect for the frugal seller who prefers to make money investing no money (no fees!).

20. Pinterest

Let me explain why Pinterest is certainly worth taking into consideration.

Pinterest may not be the first website that comes to mind when someone suggests selling secondhand furniture online.

Pinterest provides the customer base every seller desires, with 1.250 million users globally each month.

You can pin photographs from your website (which is also a great method to build your brand) or, if you don’t have one, without one.

Because Pinterest is primarily a visual platform, it is excellent for furniture makeovers.

The more re-pins your furniture receives and the greater the likelihood that it will find a happy new owner willing to pay you for it, the better it will seem.

21. Oodle

Last but not least, Oodle is a classified website that lets buyers view listings close to where they are right now.

Listing is free, and if a buyer expresses interest, you can decide to meet in person to complete the transaction.

The website is fairly small, so you’re out of luck if you don’t live in one of the mentioned cities. But there is a choice!

Last but not least, Budgets Are Sexy, one of my favorite sites has a fantastic post on how to identify estate sale bargains. Look it up!

One last thought on selling used furniture for cash

There you have it, then! Making some additional money by selling used furniture can be simple and quick.

money that you may use to make an investment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Fastest Way to Sell Furniture?

These are the fastest place ways to sell furniture, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Letgo, Trove Market and local consignment shops, and eBay

2. What Can I Do With Furniture That Doesn’t Sell?

If your goal is to sell something quickly, then Apartment Therapy Marketplace, Bonanza, Bookoo, and Chairish are the best platform to use.

3. What’s the Best Website to Sell Furniture?

 To Get Rid of Your Furniture When It’s Not Selling make use of  Craigslist and eBay.

4. How do I Get Rid Of Expensive Furniture?

Some of the top places to sell furniture online are Craigslist, 1stDibs, and Facebook Marketplace.

5. How Do I Get Rid Of Furniture?

High-end furniture is typically listed on Craigslist and eBay, however, there are other websites you can utilize as well.

High-end furniture listings can be found on Chairish, but you can also try OfferUp, Bonanza, Facebook Marketplace, ArtDeco, 1dibs, or Oodle.

6. How do I Get Rid Of Old Furniture Near Me?

You can Donate it or Sell it.

7. How Do I Get Rid Of Furniture UK?

You have a few options for old furniture pick up, you can Check with your city and see if they offer free pick up for large items, Sell or give your old furniture away for free and have the buyer pick it up from your home.

8. Why Does My IKEA Dresser Smell?

As a result of formaldehyde outgassing, IKEA furniture has an odor.

Increased heat and ventilation should hasten to outgas and eliminate the odor. Outgassing can be avoided by keeping the item cool and dry.

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